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5000mAh Power Bank

R 100.00

Multi-functional Laptop Stand

R 149.00

1000W Solar Street Light

R 999.00

200W Indoor Solar Light

R 499.00

Ultimate Vlogging Kit

R 299.00

3 Head Solar Wall Lamp

R 199.00

12V Intelligent Battery Charger

R 249.00

20000mAh Solar Power Bank

R 249.00

Fly Repellent Fan

R 99.00

600W Solar Street Light

R 799.00

Set of Five : Fly Repellent Fan

R 379.00

Rechargeable LED Head-Lamp

R 99.00

Double Pole Moveable Clothes Rack

R 299.00

Foldable Travel Bag

R 149.00