Pack of Sixteen: Protective Furniture Sliders
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Pack of Sixteen: Protective Furniture Sliders

R 99.00

  • Includes: 16 x furniture sliders
  • Fits most legs
  • Multi-use
  • Easy installment
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

R 99.00

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These furniture sliders are the perfect thing to protect your wooden and tiled floors. It snuggly fits onto you chair and furniture legs, protecting your floors from any scratches. Your floors stay looking beautiful.

It allows your furniture to soundlessly glide over hard surfaces: avoiding your chairs from scrapping against your floor surfaces and sounding worse than nails on a chalkboard. These sliders stretch to fit your furniture’s legs, making it a one-size fits most item. You’ll never have to struggle with adhesive pads or glues. Just slip them over your chair legs and you good to go.