Pack of 4 Adjustable Bed Sheet Grips

Pack of 4 Adjustable Bed Sheet Grips

R 189.00

R 189.00

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Product Description:

– This unique non-slip triangle design fits well on your sheets without scratches and keeps your sheet in place all the time.

– This type of clip is made of stainless steel, ensures maximum hold, and prevents damage to your fabric.

– This strap is adjustable

– Suitable for various types of bedding.

– It can be used to help secure flat or adjustable sheets and other bed covers such as mattress pads.

– It can also be used to hold mattress pads, tablecloths, ironing board covers, and covers, etc.

– Easy to remove or use, these 4 corner mattress clips securely hold the sheet, making it fully taut and flat. No more loose sheets.

– These sheet straps keep your sheets without readjustment and keep them in place at all times

– And they never damage your sheets

– Wider elastic provides a stronger, stable grip for sturdy use.

– The metal clips can hold the sheet firmly. High elasticity sheet straps provide a stable and strong grip for your sheets

– The sheet holder is adjustable, allowing you to find your desired tension and keep your sheets tidy all-day

– Several easy steps to install and it can hold your sheets tightly, prevent your fitted sheets from sliding out of corners


What’s in the box

4 x Triangle clips