Multifunctional Work Light with Telescopic Base
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Multifunctional Work Light with Telescopic Base

R 799.00

  • 128* SMD white/yellow light
  • 20* SMD red light
  • Built-in power bank
  • Rechargeable
  • Power display
  • Please note that the design for this product may vary but the primary function will remain constant ie. COB or LED light will be sent
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

R 799.00

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This versatile and innovative light source is designed to be your reliable companion in any situation. With its telescopic base, you can easily adjust the height and direction of the light, providing you with a wide range of lighting options. Whether you’re working on DIY projects, camping in the great outdoors, or just need a reliable emergency light, this compact and portable work light has got you covered. Illuminate your tasks with ease and convenience with the Multifunctional Work Light with Telescopic Base—a must-have addition to your toolkit!