Mood Magic Wax Candle
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Mood Magic Wax Candle

R 159.00

  • Soothing, comforting, and captivating
  • Perfect for adding ambiance to any occasion
  • Real-flame candle made from wax
  • Magically lights up inside when lit
  • LED and micro-electronic optical sensor technology
  • Random color will be sent.
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

R 159.00

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Mood Magic makes a stunning room decoration, filling your space with colourful, continuously changing light to delight your senses. Ideal for cosy nights in or as a table decoration. This atmospheric candle, made from real wax, uses LED technology to emit a display of continuously changing coloured light.

An optical fibre carries the light of the flame to a sensor, illuminating the LED in the body of the candle when lit. This fusion of colours and flickering flame is perfect for adding ambience to any occasion.

Thanks to LED technology, the coloured light will scroll through a series of warm, mood-enhancing colours from reds and blues to yellow, purple and green, giving any room a comforting, relaxing light effect that is guaranteed to enhance the ambience and create a relaxed, delightful atmosphere in your home.

Random colour will be sent.