Knife Sharpener
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Knife Sharpener

R 129.00

  • Small, compact design for easy storage
  • Two independent spring action arms sharpen knives in seconds
  • Ultra-hard tungsten carbide flexes and contours to blade
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R 129.00

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Get razor sharp knives in seconds with the Knife Sharpner. This unique and easy-to-use sharpener brings new life back to your old knives. The ultra-hard tungsten carbide sharpeners flex to fit any size knife. Just pull the blade through the sharpening arms to hone, sharpen and polish.

The Knife Sharpner features two independent spring- action sharpening arms made of hard tungsten carbide that flex and contour to any blade or angle for the perfect, razor sharp edge. Perfect for smooth or serrated knives.

Sharpen, hone and polish your dull knife blades into razor sharp cutting tools.

The Knife sharpner is compact for easy storage – store in knife drawer or cabinet when not in use.