84 LED Computer Monitor Light Bar
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84 LED Computer Monitor Light Bar

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  • Features;
  • Touch switch
  • Stepless dimming
  • Three-stop diming
  • Rated power; 5W
  • Package weight; 450g
  • Power input; DC 5V-1A
  • Luminous flux; 350 LM
  • Color temperature range; 3000k-6500k
  • No of LED; 84 LED -Main 72 auxiliary 12
  • Package dimensions; l=42.5cm x h=8cm x w=6.5cm
  • 1 x 84 LED Computer Monitor Light Bar AB-TA206
  • *Please note that the design for this product may vary but the primary function will remain constant.

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A computer monitor light bar is a sleek and modern accessory designed to enhance your computing experience by providing customizable and ambient lighting. This elegant device is typically affixed to the rear or sides of your computer monitor, emitting soft and adjustable illumination that complements the surrounding environment.

The light bar is ingeniously engineered to cast a gentle glow on the wall behind your monitor, creating a captivating halo effect that adds depth to your workspace. Its ergonomic design ensures that the emitted light remains easy on the eyes, reducing glare and eye strain during long hours of computer use.

Equipped with advanced LED technology, the light bar allows you to effortlessly transform your workspace with a simple touch.

Installation is a breeze, typically involving a secure attachment to the back of your monitor.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the computer monitor light bar serves a functional purpose as well. It enhances contrast perception, making on-screen content more vivid and engaging, and it also contributes to a balanced lighting environment, reducing eye fatigue by mitigating the stark contrast between the monitor’s brightness and the lighting in the room.

In essence, a computer monitor light bar is a sophisticated blend of form and function, elevating both the visual appeal and ergonomic comfort of your workspace while adding a touch of customizable personality to your computing endeavors.