5-in-1 Space Saver Trouser Hangers Organizer
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5-in-1 Space Saver Trouser Hangers Organizer

R 129.00

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Package Size: 35×5.5×18.5cm
  • Double hook suspension
  • Convenient drying
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

R 129.00

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The 5-in-1 space saver trouser hanger is the ideal way to keep you clothes neat, unwrinkled, visible and easily accessible without taking up all the space. It features a double hook suspension which allows for convenient drying. Each of the poles can be moved independently, making it easier to take off your clothes.

It is easy to move and carry around your clothes, making it ideal for business trips and travel. This can also be used for numerous clothing items, such as: pants, ties, scarves, belts or other accessories.