3-Pack Sock Gift Box
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3-Pack Sock Gift Box

R 180.00

  • Pack includes 3 random pairs of funky socks
  • Random designs and colours will be sent
  • Size of socks 7-13
  • Allow 10 days for delivery

R 180.00

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Dressing to impress requires a full wardrobe treatment. Everything from your shirt, jacket, watch, and even your socks can make a lasting impression. And speaking of socks, man-oh-man have we got a deal for you!

This 3-pack gift box features all sorts of fun colors. Their soft and stretchy cotton-blend construction ensures extra comfort. They can also easily be worn with non-dressy outfits. Plus, let’s be honest, you can always use more socks. Stock up today with this great deal!

Please note these are some designs as examples