12V 7Ah LiFePo4 Battery
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12V 7Ah LiFePo4 Battery

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Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Nominal capacity: 7Ah
Technical Specifications:
Rated Capacity 7Ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
BMS Charging Voltage 14.6V
Rated operational current 7A
Energy 89.6Wh
Terminal F1 (South African Standard)
Dimensions 151mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 95mm (H)
BMS Specification
Cell overcharge detection voltage 3.75V±50mV
Cell overcharge recovery voltage 3.55V±50mV
Cell over-discharge detection voltage 2.20V±50mV
Cell over-discharge recovery voltage 2.7V±100mV
Over current detection ≤50mΩ
Battery Management System are incorporated to protect battery from OVER CHARGING, OVER DISCHARGING, SHORT CIRCUIT
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R 699.00

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This 12V battery has a longer life span which requires no maintenance. It is safe, lightweight, and has an improved discharge which allows for faster charge efficiency. This battery is can be used on your gate motor, electric fence, alarm and much more.