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  • The GripGo™ Hands-free Phone Mount allows you to easily glance at your phone making driving safer
  • Position it anywhere you want on the dashboard
  • Use it with any phone model
  • The hands-free mount instantly grabs hold of your phone and keeps it mounted securely
  • The phone comes easily off the mount with just a gentle pull
  • It leaves no sticky residue on your fingers or your phone
  • Allow 10 working days for delivery


A hands-free phone will save lives just as surely as seatbelts do. You get to be both the busy person that you are and the responsible citizen you admire with today’s deal: Drive Safely: Take Hands-Free Phone Calls with GripGo™ Hands-Free Phone Mount.




Some days you wish for tentacles for at least nine things at once. The cat got nine lives, and dreaming is free. With the rise of fake limbs and robot butlers, nothing is impossible. For now, reclaim the use of one hand and drive safely with the GripGo™ Hands-Free Phone Mount, a sleekly designed contraption that will complement the look of any car’s dashboard. It clutches your phone securely in its grip and lets go easily with a gentle tug. GripGo™ understands your life, the way you’re juggling grandparents’ visits and demands of impossible clients even while on the go, how you want to maximize every minute. Also the way you’re putting your life in real danger when you drive with one hand on the wheel, the other with a phone to the ear. With a hands-free phone, you can take every call stress-free.




Don’t tempt fate too much. Your life looks like a blur of spaghetti lights because you’re important, so do drive with both hands on the wheel and your phone mounted securely on the dashboard. With a GripGo™ Hands-Free Phone Mount you can now arrange for the sitter, the restaurant and the King’s visit while safely zooming in and out of traffic. Just the way you think Angelina Jolie does it in real life.

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